MF6101 ICU Bed, Electric, Five Functions

ICU beds are used in intensive care units (ICUs), also known as critical care units (CCUs) or intensive therapy units (ITUs). These beds are specially designed to care the patients with severe or life-threatening.


• Size : 203L x 106W x 55-75H cm
• Functions : Five Functions.
• Back Lift : Electric Control.
• Knee Rest Lifting : Electric Control.
• Trendelenburg : Electric Control.
• Reverse Trendelenburg : Electric Control.
• Up/Down-Height Adjustment : Electric Control.
• Head & Foot Panels : Elegant High Quality Moulded Panels.
• Side Support : 4 sectional moulded safety side panels, specially designed for zero gap
with mattress area.
• Top : Four Sections
• Framework : Mild Steel.
• Finish : Beautiful Epoxy Powder Coating.
• Castors : 150 mm dia with central locking mechanism.
• Brakes : Central braking mechanism.
• Control Panel : Wired remote control .
Nurse Control on foot panel.
• CPR : One touch CPR button in Nurse Control Touch System.
Dual side manual CPR.
• Buffers : Corner PU buffers absorb impact and reduce damage in handling.
• IV Stand : Provided with heavy duty saline stand with provision for xing it at four locations.
• Mattress


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